Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Date Night

It finally happened.  I was getting dressed to go out (okay, just to run errands and have an early dinner with my husband and granddaughter, but "going out" sounds better).  I had spackled my face as best I could, fluffed up my increasingly thin hair in an effort to hide my scalp, and was attempting to find a flattering outfit (does one even exist?)  I finally decided on the blackest, most slimming get-up I could find (yeah, the same one I wear every Saturday for "date night"), took a deep breath, then looked in the mirror.  It just seemed so drab.  Well, maybe a necklace would give it a little style, so I tried that.  And then for the first time in my life, my waistline wasn't the biggest problem.  I had to pick a new battle.  I could no longer bear to draw any attention to my droopy jowls, so the necklace was out.  It seemed like the lesser of two evils to slap a belt across my pot-bellied love handles and call it a day.

All Dressed Up for a Night on the Town:

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  1. I just quit wearing necklaces, too, because I noticed just how wrinkled my chest was getting. It's just not fair for me to draw people's attention to it without warning them first! I'm trying to find my best feature so I can accentuate it, but I'm not having any luck. Sometimes I really like being invisible.