Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Once Upon a Princess Magnetic Paperdoll

When I started this blog, the main purpose was to post some of my crafty creations. However, if you read the disclaimer on the sidebar, I really only collect crafting supplies. There isn't much "creating" going on. But I just had to have this adorable Cricut cartridge! And since I'm too old to play with dolls (at least when others are around), I made this paperdoll set for my youngest granddaughter. I used my Xyron to laminate and add the magnetic backing to these pieces. Unfortunately, the magnets aren't strong enough to keep the clothing in place. But I don't really think that will be a problem; Nana had more fun making these than granddaughter will ever have playing with them!

Whistler (We Weren't Olympians)

For some reason I'll never understand, I agreed to spend our 25th anniversary skiing. I'm not a skier. I don't like cold weather. I had never even been on skis until I was 45. That was another anniversary trip. Can you see the pattern? I don't do much for my husband. I love him, sure. I might watch a few minutes of the Super Bowl with him; after all, it only happens once a year. But hurling myself down an icy mountain on skinny sticks defies logic. And Whistler is more than a mountain. Actually, there are two at the resort--Whistler and Blackcomb. Neither is something I'd choose to propel myself down willingly. Unless I wanted to show my wonderful husband of 25 years that I'd do anything for him. Day one I twisted my knee on a "green" hill. I'm not sure what "green" means in Canada, but it must have a different definition than here in the USA. Even my sweet husband agrees This Was Not a Green Hill. Somehow I managed to continue skiing for six days, injured as I was. It wasn't until the last couple of hours of our last day that I just couldn't take another minute. Loving spouse that I am, I agreed to sit patiently while Hubby took one more run down the slopes. As I sat waiting (in the cold, I might add), I realized just how bad my knee ached. Yes, God sent this wonderful man to me 25 years ago. But look what I'm willing to do for him! And I've never let him forget it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Having a Mid-Life Crisis...and you can't stop me

There's something freaky about turning 50. You start to feel that time is running out, that you need to step up the pace to accomplish everything you should have done before now. And of course you can't quite figure out why you look so much older in photos and the mirror than you do in "real life". It's shocking when you discover that the "older person" you just met is the same age as you. You find yourself telling your offspring (and any other young people who'll give you the time of day) about how things were "back in my day". Everything starts to ache or sag, sometimes both at once. Whereas you and your spouse previously finished each others sentences, you find that now the two of you combined can't complete a single thought. Most magazines have at least one article where the author describes how liberating it was to turn 50, and the cover is usually graced by an over-50 celebrity who, if we are to believe what we're told, looks 35 because of genetics and healthy habits. And could someone please explain how the padding on the bottoms of my feet migrated to my thighs?

I'm old and I feel like crap. I want a face lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck. I want to do fun things, but I'm too darn tired. And my feet hurt. I think I just need to get out of the house for a while. Now where did I leave my keys?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today is the first day...

I happened to read some instructions on starting a blog, and since it was free I thought, "Why not???" As happens much too often in my life, if I see it I must try it. I hope this doesn't consume as much of my time as some of my other hobbies. I mean, how much free time can you squeeze out of a day? Oh well, the kids are fed, laundry's been done and the cobwebs haven't reached the danger zone just yet. Oops, Desperate Housewives is starting! Some things can't be postponed.