Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How Children Inspire Us

I love children.  Especially my own. I find that toddlers always bring a smile to my face.  So why do I get so stressed out when I spend time with my own offspring?

For starters, everyone in my house is way beyond the toddler phase.   I have seven- and eleven-year-old girls living with me.  At around age seven, cute begins to be replaced with attitude.  By the time they reach adolescence, it's all over.  The attitude seems to get worse and more unpredictable as time goes on.

Anyone who questions that God is real should take a good look at babies.  Would humanity have expanded to nearly 7 billion people if new parents came home with the equivalent of a pre-teen?  We would have died out within the first few generations.

Unlike our cars when they no longer serve our needs, we can't trade our children in for newer models when we no longer enjoy the ride.  This is why many, many years ago, some genius invented boarding school.

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