Sunday, March 14, 2010

To have followers, must it lead somewhere?

I'll admit, there really isn't any compelling reason for anyone to follow my blog. (To the few who have, I give my heartfelt thanks!) But darnit, I feel like that sad, shy little 6-year-old exluded from the Girl Scouts. I never quite figured out what happened there. I was told there was no room for another member, and being young and innocent, I believed it without question. In hindsight, I have to wonder just how badly a sweet (yes, I really was back then) 1st grader could have pissed off the troop leaders during the previous year in the Brownie troop?

So today, as a battle-scarred old woman, should I be dismayed that I don't have hundreds of followers? Okay, I'd settle for ten. Well, maybe 25. I haven't really gone out there and asked for followers (mostly because I feel I would be selling a shoddy product.) But why does it make me feel bad? I see lots of people trying to attract blog followers, many by asking point-blank. It begs the question: Do we ever truly outgrow our need to fit in and be accepted?

And to my husband, if you're reading this--GET ON BOARD, BUDDY! Our anniversary is next week; at least give me the gift of being follower #5!

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  1. I don't know I always feel like that fat girl in camp who no one talks to, no matter how many people love me, there are always those ones who shun me and it still sucks.
    I have over 300 followers but a group of 3 women, still pick at me and are so mean and it kicks my butt every time....