Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost in a Digital World

I spent countless hours over the past several days uploading hundreds of photos to a photo printing service, all with a less-than-reliable internet connection.  Talk about frustration.  My plan had been to take a closer look at the pictures before I ordered the prints, and weed out the duplicates (and all the ones of me).  But I kept losing my connection (to the internet, not to reality.  Yet.)  So I threw my hands up (figuratively) and said "screw it" (...to myself...out loud.  Maybe my connection to reality is as weak as my internet connection after all.)  I decided to just order a copy of everything and sort through it later.  After all, the first 500 prints were only a penny each.  I could afford that.  Well, almost.

At checkout, I saw the astronomical shipping cost.  Maybe I should take a second look at all those photos.  So I painstaking sorted through my shopping cart, choosing only the pictures I really wanted.  My shoulders ached.  My eyes were tired.  I hadn't even had my morning coffee.  And then I lost my connection.  Again, only to the internet.  Reality was still all too real.  All my efforts were in vain.  None of my changes were saved.

I've decided to do what the young people do.  Forget paying for photo prints. That's for chumps anyway.    I'll just keep a digital copy of all my photos on my computer the way God intended.  Until my hard drive crashes and I lose everything.  Including my sanity.

I hate technology.

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