Thursday, September 1, 2011

Giraffe Card

My big sister and I were always close.  She didn't have a choice.  We were only 13 months apart, and I followed her everywhere.  Eleven years ago this month she suffered a post-surgical infection, which left her in a persistent vegetative state.  I don't get to visit her very often since we're hundreds of miles apart, so I try to send cards from time to time.  I don't know if she is aware of her surroundings, but just in case, I want her to know I love her and that she is always on my mind.  She collected giraffe figurines for many years, so I usually include a giraffe on each of her cards.

This card was my first attempt at coloring a stamped image.  It was so relaxing to channel my inner child!  I can see myself spending a lot of time practicing this technique in the future.

And I can't conclude this post without saying how very much I appreciate my younger sisters for always being there for Teresa.  Even though they have families and lead busy lives, they visit her in the nursing home regularly and make sure she is well cared for.  They are my heros.  And hers.


  1. I am the middle sister of 3 sisters. I am very close to my older sister, too. My heart goes out to you. What a blessing to have a younger sister that is so attentive. We never know what life sends our way. Your card is so adorable and your coloring is wonderful!

  2. Vanessa, The card is great and I just bet she will know it is from you!
    I was the second oldest living when my Sister got very sick. For 4 years we were by her side.
    Just as she was getting a little better from femoral artery disease, which she got a infection from that she had for the rest of her life. A nurse dropped the catheter on the floor and then use it on her.
    She got lung cancer and after the catheter deal we never ever left her alone. My two younger Sisters ans I was with her when she passed away 18 month after they told her maybe 3 months with the cancer. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to start keeping it updated.