Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Over Before It Started

For me, summer has ended before it even began.  My granddaughter had taken the dogs outside to poop on my pool deck when she noticed something crawling around in the mulch.  From inside I could hear her screaming, but about what I couldn't tell.  As I ran to the door, naively ready to rush outside to her rescue, I saw my husband standing over something with a deadly weapon.  Unaware of the danger I would be facing, I opened the door to see what had happened.  "It's a snake", he said, "but not a dangerous kind."  They're all dangerous!  Just the sight of one could kill me! 

"Should I let it go?"  he asked.  Does this man,  my spouse of 28 years, know me at all?  "Off with his head!" I shouted from my throne (the highest chair I could find).  And just like that, he chopped the creature in half.  My hero!

So it's back indoors for me.  See you again after the first snowfall.

The aftermath. 
(You didn't think I'd have a picture of the actual creature, did you?  I don't do snake photography.)

The weapon so deftly wielded by my husband


  1. This so made me smile! I am terrified of snakes and I wouldn't be anywere near it--that's what husbands are for!!!

  2. Hi I love your blog! I have an award for you at my blog. Please come by and pick it at

  3. I would have to move! I don't think I will be visiting you this year. :-)

  4. Vanessa I have had to do this twice is as many years. Not because I wanted to, It was because I HAD to.
    The one this year was much bigger last year and took more force which I don't have much of.
    But when your sweetie is not here anymore you either do it or risk grabbing hold of him when you are weeding you flower bed.