Monday, March 7, 2011

Mastering Mediocrity

I started scrapbooking for the fun of it.  Nothing more than a way to preserve memories and have fun doing it (okay, and to avoid housework).  Then I started visiting online communities where people were masters at papercrafting.  After a while I started to measure my simple creations against their works of art, and it sucked the joy right out of me.

A representation of my cardmaking skills
 (I'm even less accomplished at photography)

Then reality struck like lightning.  Sure, I enjoy scrapbooking and cardmaking.  I also enjoy jewelry making and sewing.  And I love to cook.  Well, maybe I just love to eat, and cooking gets me there.  But the point is There are lots of things I enjoy.  I can't be an expert at all of them.

The one piece of jewelry I actually completed

Completed but never worn

Is it really necessary for me to create papercrafting masterpieces that make others drool with envy?  Does every piece of jewelry I make have to sparkle with beauty and creativity?  Must every culinary endeavor result in a dish that would impress even Martha Stewart?  I've always been an underachiever anyway, so maybe I should just dip my toes into all the fun things life has to offer and learn to bask in the glow of mediocrity.


  1. Why in the world have you not worn that gorgeous jacket???? And I love the necklace, too! I'll be watching for the card in December. Thanks for the preview! ;-)

  2. Wow, you make nice things! Most things I make look like a little kid did it. I have a new name for it now, mediocrity, I like it.