Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Year and He's Still Here

He's managed to stick it out another year.  My poor husband has put up with me for 28 years now.  I don't make it easy.  And the past few years have been especially difficult.  More accurately, I've been especially difficult over the past few years.  I wasn't much better before.  I guess he took those vows seriously.  God bless him, he really is the best earthly thing that ever happened to me.

For all he's had to endure, I made him this card.  Not the best deal he ever made.

Now I realize just how appropriate the sentiment is
Added "dimension" on the inside

I pulled out my Cricut Sweethearts cartridge, certain I could find an image on there for the occasion.   Being creatively challenged (to put it mildly), I still couldn't come up with an idea.  Well, at least not one I could see myself completing before our anniversary was over (yes, I waited until the last minute).  I had something else in mind when I chose the tree, but it required a lot more work than I had time for so I had to tweak my "design" (yeah, that's what we'll call it).  I did manage to find time to emboss the leaf and wood patterns on the tree in a desperate attempt to jazz it up ever-so-slightly.  And as usual, no matter how many times I practiced stamping the sentiment before actually stamping inside the card, I still managed to mess it up.  So the inside got a few layers--we'll say I added that for "dimension". 

God, in His infinite wisdom, sent the perfect man for me to spend my life with.  I can't imagine it any other way.


  1. I came on here to wish you a somewhat belated Happy Anniversary. The card is so sweet! Hope you both had a great day!

  2. So sorry I didn't call yesterday! Happy Anniversary... hope it was great!

  3. This card is so cute. Love the hearts on the tree and how fitting for your anniversary.