Monday, November 29, 2010

Walking on Clouds

No, I'm not having a super-fantastic happy day.  But I do like my new boots.

I never jumped on the Ugg bandwagon because I thought they were, well Uggly.  But the idea of walking around on shearling?  That got my attention.

Every year during the holiday season Costco sells shearling boots styled  like the classic Uggs.  Since I'm forced to wear flat shoes this winter after breaking my ankle, it seemed to be the perfect excuse to buy a pair.  AAAAAHHHH!  Heaven underfoot. 

And the best part?  Because I bought boots with no label on the back, I saved $140.  I shall wear my label-free boots with pride.  All the way to the bank.

(Bad lighting, but trust me, these are great boots!)

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