Monday, November 22, 2010

As Long as People Have Birthdays...

...I'll be making cards.

I once had a boss who told me he worked best under pressure.  At the time I didn't understand exactly what that meant.  (Yeah, I was young and stupid.  And the wrong person for that job.)  But now I get it.  Nothing gets done until crunch time.

Here's a card I made for my wonderful brother's birthday.  He's an army vet who happened to be born on November 11th.  But that has nothing to do with the card.  I just wanted to brag about his service and dedication to our country.

Cards for men always stump me.  Luckily, my brother has an alter ego who is a raccoon.  I was flipping through my Cricut cartridge booklets desperately searching for something, when this cute little guy from Give a Hoot jumped out at me.  And the tin can on his head made him look like a real "party animal".  Problem solved!

1 comment:

  1. You make the cutest cards! I should know. I'm one of the lucky recipients of your creativity.

    I hope you are going to post the scrapbook you did for Mark's birthday. I loved it, and I think he did too, even though he's a guy!