Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This message will self-destruct

I need to get this out before the next hormonal fluctuation.

I received flowers from my son-in-law today.  He had heard about my broken leg and subsequent surgery. He's currently serving in Iraq, so I am especially touched that he would take the time to make an old lady smile.  And smile I did.

His wife, my youngest daughter, would make the 450-mile drive here to take care of me while I recover if I asked her. She's a sweetheart, too.  They belong together.

My oldest daughter has offered to come clean my house (which is no small feat considering the neglect it has received at my hand).  And because she doesn't have a car, it would require her to take several buses from over thirty miles away to get here.  She's thoughtful like that.

Yes, I have great kids.  Not because I was a great mother.  They just grew that way.  In spite of me.

Finally (and this is the most difficult to admit), I must comment on my wonderful husband.  He not only has to take on all my daily tasks, but he has to get me everything that I need throughout the day and night, drive me to my appointments, and pick up any medication I need.  He never complains.  And because I can't climb the stairs to sleep in our bedroom, he stays on the family room sofa with me at night just in case I need anything.

Just a couple of days ago, when this whole ordeal started to make me crazy, I found myself taking it out on him.  (Well, he had done his usual "man stuff" that would make any woman homicidal, but he's also been very good to me lately.)  I ranted and raved and managed to throw quite a few things from my perch here on my sofa/throne.  (Remember, I am menopausal. Some of this was inevitable, injured or not.)  Yet he still took good care of me all day and night.  And never complained.

I've said it before, but it needs repeating.  God sent this man to me.  I'll never understand why.  I certainly didn't deserve him (just as I didn't earn the great children I have.)  But I'm thankful for him every day.  Or at least until the next time he pisses me off.

Which is why this message will self-destruct in







  1. I linked on your blog from another site and kept reading.
    You have a real gift for writing and knack for keeping your readers interested.
    I have had a bad fall that led to major back surgery and knee surgery, so I could feel your pain.
    Enjoyed reading and hope you heal well.

  2. OMG --- your spiel was just hilarious! Sorry about your leg, tho, but you have an awesome sense of humour.

    I can sooooo relate w/ the hubby thingie!! As a matter of fact, I just read him what you wrote and told him I could relate.

    He said: "about what"? I said: "until the next time he pisses me off". We both howled. But he knew it was the fact that I was really blessed that God sent him to me!! (just like yours!)

    Anyway, I became a follower lickety-split. Can't wait to see what else you write about.

    YOU, my dear, put a much needed smile on my face. Thanks for that!


  3. Wow Mom! I hope you know that you are an amazing person and you DO deserve all of these people. You are the one who taught me to be so thoughtful. I learned by example. We all love you so much!