Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Toy Story Birthday Card

It seems like only yesterday I was writing to announce that my daughter was expecting her miracle baby.  That precious boy just turned three.  

Yes, time flies.  I think when we are raising our own children we're so busy that we don't realize just how quickly the years are passing, until one day we look up and our babies are grown.  But with grandchildren, especially those who live too far away, we are reminded with every photograph or visit that the years are indeed slipping by.  That's exactly how I felt when I realized my first grandson was turning three.

Three.  That's a big number.  Especially when you realize he's speaking in real sentences.  Wears big-boy pants.  And doesn't just walk, but runs all over the place.  He's still adorable.  But by no means is he a baby any more.

I love when a child has favorite toys and characters, especially when I have a Cricut cartridge to match.  My grandson just recently developed a love for the "Toy Story" movies, so his birthday card was easy to plan.  I used the Cricut cartridge "Toy Story" for the Woody character, and with my Cricut Explore I utilized the print-then-cut feature (which is so much easier than cutting all those teeny-tiny pieces, then trying to layer them).  I also printed and cut a balloon image, then layered the number "3" on top.  I cut some twine for the balloon strings and let Woody hold them.  

The first thing my grandson said upon opening the card was, "Where's Buzz Lightyear?"  Kids don't miss anything.

Of course this granny was right on top of that.  Just wait until he sees his valentine.

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