Thursday, October 4, 2012

Disney Photo Flip Book

I was offered a free photo flip book and thought, "What the heck...fewer photos to scrap!"   The finished product with its plain clear cover was crying out for some embellishment.  My huge vinyl stash was also crying out for attention.  I was feeling lazy.  It was either this or housecleaning.
I sat at my computer (that's always easy) and designed a frame using Cricut Craft Room Basics (again, no need to leave my chair) and Mickey Font. 
From CCR Basics I chose a rectangle and circle (can't believe there's no basic oval in CCR Basics!) then resized and reshaped them to fit my cover.  The now-oval shape was placed in the center of the rectangle to create the cutout, the Mickey Font letters and date were lined up along the bottom of the opening, then everything was welded together.  After cutting the vinyl using the kiss-cut method, I used clear contact paper to transfer the overlay onto the photo book cover.   Could it have been made fancier?  Sure, but not by me.
As God is my witness, I'll use my vinyl stash one 4x6 piece at a time.


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  2. Love it! love the welding and oval cut out! I have yet to try the vinyl. I actually have one roll of brown and have had it for 3 years unopened! I need to get me some transfer paper - that maybe why I've procrastinated in using it! :) Love your album and great pic of your family! ~Vanessa