Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Card...Yes, for a Grown Woman!

Lacking a creativity gene, I struggle with all things crafty.  Birthday cards are the worst.  Seriously, how many different ways can you say "Happy Birthday"?  But having invested my retirement funds on crafting supplies, I feel it is my obligation to make every freakin' card that goes out of this house.  Sometimes inspiration hits when I need it most.  Such was the case with my sister's card. 

I try to make each card reflect something special about the recipient.  With Cheryl, I remembered many years ago just after the movie Toy Story came out that she bought a talking Woody doll.  We laughed so hard playing with that doll that tears streamed down our faces. Hallelujah, my recent purchase of the Cricut Toy Story cartridge could finally be justified!

Yes, Woody's eyes make him look a little creepy.  I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I don't have glasses strong enough to allow me to see those tiny images in the cartridge handbook, so I was just winging it.  And once Woody's tiny eyeballs were glued down, there wasn't any way I was getting them into another position.  Thus we have Woody, the Peeping Tom.


  1. LOL at the creepy Peeping Woody! He looks adorable to me. Cheryl loved her card and was quite impressed you remembered her Woody doll. (I mean y'all are over 50 now, you know.)

  2. Very cute card thanks for sharing!