Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Ashamed to Admit...

...I fell for another "miracle" product.  Yes, I'm desperate and ready to believe just about anything.  Every day I seem to age another year.  I shouldn't be this vain; I was never the prettiest girl in the room.  Okay, that isn't entirely true.  Sometimes I was the only girl in the room. That upped my odds considerably.  But I don't like getting old.  And I really don't like looking old.  Some women can pull it off with charm and sophistication.  Not me.  I wasn't charming and sophisticated when I was young, and I don't see that changing now.

I try to keep my beauty routines to myself as much as possible, but with a husband and two kids around I don't always get the privacy I need.  Such was the case last weekend.

We were on vacation in a tiny condo with a tiny bathroom.  There was really no room for private grooming.  So with my eight-year-old granddaughter sitting across the living room from me (which was only about two feet away), I nonchalantly whipped out my new age-reversing device.  The promise is that if you move it across your face for ten minutes twice daily, the bright light it emits will stimulate collagen growth. (Go ahead, laugh--you too will be old someday.)  And it makes a humming noise.  It might never do anything else, but it will get the attention of anyone nearby. Sure enough, after a very short time my granddaughter looked up and said, "Nana, what is that?!", to which I replied, "Oh, it's just something I hope will help me look younger."  "I don't see how that's going to do anything!"

Where was this voice of reason when I was placing my order?

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  1. Kids know WAY too much, don't they. And love us WAY more than we deserve, too. Sounds like you enjoy your little people very much :-)