Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Finish Line

The Apostle Paul often referred to running a race as a metaphor for the work he was doing, and since he is a favorite of mine, I'll do the same.

I've been running a marathon for most of my life with no cheering fans on the sidelines to encourage me, and no opportunities to rest.. I should be nearing the finish line, but I don't think I can go any further. I've been kicked and trampled so many times along the way, but I've always picked myself up and moved forward.

Until now. All I want to do now is close my eyes, drown out the noise all around me, and give in to exhaustion. Life as I know it isn't allowing me the peace and renewal I so desperately need.

I've been hanging on to the hope that I must be nearing the end of the race, and sweet relief is right around the next corner. But I'm beginning to doubt that there really is a finish line. Maybe I've been running in circles, or trapped on a hamster wheel.  I just know I can't possibly keep going with the weight of the world on my shoulders and no one waiting to congratulate me at the end. If there even is one.

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  1. Hi, Vanessa!

    Sometimes we do feel beaten down. I know that feeling. It is those times that I am reminded about what the Lord says in His Word... "Cast EVERY care upon Him, for he cares for YOU." God's shoulders are so much bigger than our problems!

    Sometimes, we just need to say, "Lord, I give up. Will you carry this burden for me now?" And then we need to truly let go of it. We need to stop listening to those lies of the devil that tell us it is hopeless. In our HEADS, we know it is not hopeless because of what Jesus did for us. All that He went through was not for NOTHING! He took all our sin, disappointment, hurts, sadness, depression and all the other junk... and instead, He offers us peace. How can we continue to complain when God offers us the peace that Jesus said is NOT like the world's peace. It comes straight from the heart of God.

    Jesus continues to be right there where you are. And He promises to NEVER leave you nor forsake you. NEVER! I love that about Him. I love that He can be depended on (unlike so many others who let us down). RUN to Him today. Cry on his shoulder. And let the Holy Spirit comfort you in a way that no one else can.

    If you ever need a boost or cheering up, please feel you can contact me. I also invite you to visit one of my websites where I try to help people who are hurting (especially in their relationships).

    The Word of God is for everyone, not just couples. Here is the link and I hope you browse around and read some things that encourage you. Here's the link:

    God bless you today.