Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Cards for Grandchildren

Ahhh, life was simpler when I only had granddaughters.  I just made two of everything.  I only had to agonize over design choices once, and there was none of that annoying "Hers is better/different/fancier than mine!"   But now that my daughter has blessed me with a grandson, I can't do everything in shades of pink.  Well, I could, but I'm pretty sure it would create animosity between my son-in-law and me.  Now I make everything in threes, but I alter colors to be more gender-friendly when necessary.  And making that one change is a small price to pay for such a precious addition to our family.

These Easter cards were made using the Cricut cartridges Create a Critter (bunny) and Holiday Cakes (Happy Easter).  I used my Xyron to apply adhesive to the front of each bunny, then I added flocking powder to give them a furry appearance.  The grass was cut using a Fiskars border punch.

Thanks for looking!


  1. These are super cute! I Love the gingham grass. The flocking is awesome!!

    Before my kids left for their trip I explained to them, they were not to compare the cards I made them. They were all made with love and some might be bigger than the others...they were all unique, just like they are. They bought it :-)

    Happy Easter!