Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Princess

Today is my granddaughter's 14th birthday.  It's also her first day of high school.   Where did the years go?

This child has been a wild one.  Not that she's a troublemaker---just "energetic".  From the time she was teeny-tiny I was convinced she would never learn to control herself.  She wanted to be in the middle of everything.  And boy, could she talk.  And talk.  And talk...  She never met a teacher she couldn't annoy.

Somewhere along the way she has become a wonderful young lady.  She still likes to talk.  But she also likes to help others.  She even occasionally shows me her thoughtful, appreciative side.  Not enough that I expect it, but when she thanks me for cooking dinner or doing her laundry it warms my heart like nothing else. 

I never planned to raise a second generation of children, but God always seems to know better than we do what we really need to make us happy (and keep us on our toes).  Thank you, God; You've really blessed me.  And You'll probably need to remind me of that before the week is over.

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  1. What a wonderful post. I am the mother of a teenage boy (and trust me everyday I don't lose my stuff on him is a triumph) I just always step back and remember that he is truly a gift from God to us and that every moment is precious. Plus.........he's going to grow up, have kids of his own and I get to set back and give them puppies and sugar and send them home bwa ha ha! I hope this beautiful young lady knows in her heart that she is most definately loved.