Sunday, June 17, 2012


First graduation, May 2003

Ten days ago my oldest granddaughter graduated from middle school.  What a glorious day.

I never wanted a second set of kids to raise, but God sometimes blesses us in mysterious ways.  The past 13 1/2 years have tried my patience, my faith, my marriage, and my sanity.  But here I stand.  Hunched over & weak, yes, but still standing.

As I watched her walk across the stage, I couldn't have been more proud.  Her life has been filled with challenges (one of them being me), but she has surprised me with her resilience.  It can't be fun being raised by old people.  Parents, one generation removed, are bad enough.  Senior citizens (or those of us nearing that stage) are from another planet.  Or galaxy.  But she's a wonderful girl-- sweet, caring, smart, funny, and free-spirited.  As much as I grumble about raising her and her sister, I wouldn't change it for anything.  It has been my pleasure (most of the time), and my privilege. 

Seven more years and both girls will be out of the house.  I'm sure it will be bittersweet.  I just hope God doesn't decide to bless me again.  I can't do it a third time.


  1. Congrats to Kealy! She's good for keeping you on your toes, isn't she?

  2. A highschooler??? Oh MY!!! The REAL fun begins!! It's so different from when we were in HS! I will keep you in my prayers!!!

    I commend you for taking them to raise ... something I'm sure isn't easy, but must be rewarding. Love your sense of humor about it all. After all, what else can you do BUT laugh!!! <3