Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Shameless Post

I made this card a few months ago to congratulate my daughter and son-in-law on the birth of their son (who is now almost five months old--yes, I'm behind).  I really just wanted to show off the adorable photo of my newborn grandson, which I printed on vellum and added to the inside.

Average Card

Adorable Baby


  1. So, so sweet ... LOVE the blue and green together.

    I LOVE when I get cards later than intended, cause I'm not expecting them and so they are a BIG Surprise!!! RIGHT??!!! Well, that's what I tell my self when I send cards late!! :-)

  2. Thanks for your message! I love your baby card:) I can't resist vellum plus my friend just had a baby girl. She would love this card.

    Making the baby book was fun. However, I think 12 sheets was probably too much-it is a little stiff. I'm going to give it another go-soon!