Friday, May 20, 2011

Judgment Day

Someone has once again declared that judgment day is upon us.  For me, every day is judgment day. 

Recently my 12-year-old granddaughter told me I needed to get a job.  To her credit (most likely  because she didn't want to set me off), she wisely added that she understands I already have a job--caring for her and her younger sister and all the work that goes into that.  But she thinks I need to work outside the home.  Why?  Has the economic downturn taken such a toll on our family that she fears our downfall?  Does she just wish we had more disposable income so we'll finally buy her that much-coveted Ipod Touch?  No.  She simply wants a more sophisticated answer when her friends ask what her parents do.  I suggested she tell them I'm retired from the health insurance industry.  Nope, that wasn't good enough.  "Well," I said, "at my age and because I haven't worked in thirteen years, the best job I could get would most likely be at a fast-food restaurant.  Is that what you want to tell your friends?"  (Not that there's anything wrong with an honest day's work at any job; I just figured she was looking for something impressive to report to her peeps.)  She had a blank look on her face in response to this, suggesting maybe this would be better than admitting your grandmother "doesn't do anything".  Okay, this would require some finesse.  I have no desire to re-enter the workforce except under the most dire circumstances, but I refuse to give my grandchild another reason to resent me.  So I stated my case: "Honey, do you really want me to be more stressed that I already am?  Can you imagine how much yelling I'll do if I work all day then have to come home to cook, clean and do laundry?"   It took only one brief second for her to reply, "You're right, you don't need a job."

Case closed.  All charges were dropped.

Embarrassed by her Grandmother, again...

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