Saturday, February 26, 2011

Making a List and Checking it Twice

No, I'm not Santa. Sure, my hair is turning white and I am getting a little thick in the middle.  Not to mention I've noticed some new growth on my chin...the beginning of a beard perhaps?  But no, this list has nothing to do with good little boys and girls.  It's all about shopping.

I saw an ad this morning for a department store.  On Tuesdays they offer a senior citizen discount for customers 55 and older.  In case you missed my previous post on the subject, I was given the senior discount recently.  It still hurts.  So starting today, I'm keeping a list of every store that mentions a senior discount and the day that discount is available.  And on those days I'll shop somewhere else.


  1. HI...I CAME across your blog and I LOVE it. Therefore...I am awarding to you an award that I received recently...The Stylish Blogger AWARD! You deserve it... The rules and award are on my blog.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! You made my day!