Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LOST: Third Time's a Charm

I got my wish.  The series finale was replayed with commentary.  Still, it wasn't what I had in mind.  But in The End (pun intended), it was what I truly wanted all along.

The pop-up comments really only served one purpose--to remind us of previous events that tied in with what was currently playing onscreen.  While this was helpful, it didn't give any new insight into the creators' minds. However, realizing just how much I have forgotten from one show to the next (not to mention from season to season), I am excited at the prospect of watching the entire series again to gain new perspective.

We all wanted answers.  We were promised answers.  Even though the questions weren't answered as we expected, we got what we needed.  Would it really have been as gratifying if we had been told what it meant?  Or is the satisfaction found in our own interpretations?  Isn't it much more rewarding to think and discuss what it meant to us?

And so after watching The End for a second time, my verdict is that it is probably the best ending to the best drama ever seen on television.

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  1. I was so mad at myself when I first read this because I didn't realize when I saw the "re-run" of the finale on the schedule that it would be an enhanced version. (I missed a few because of that.) I have to override my recording program to get it to record because it thinks it is a repeat. This time I didn't even think of that even though you mentioned earlier that you hoped they would do an enhanced version. However, I realized that they may have it for viewing online. I just checked, and they do! Yay!! Thanks for posting this!