Monday, May 3, 2010

If I had a time machine...

...and could go back four weeks, maybe I could afford to retire to the Caribbean!  (Well, only if I could see what was ahead and make a few changes, but let's pretend...)

Each day my mailbox holds another disappointment in the form of a medical bill or Explanation of [no] Benefits.  I'm starting to think that my upside-down journey down the stairs could be the last trip I take for a while.  A few more unreimbursed medical expenses and this adventure will rival the cost of my daughter's wedding.  (At least that was money well-spent.)

What if, instead of spending all this money for the pleasure of lounging on my sofa/throne and barking orders at my (poor, overworked) husband for 2 months, I could make a downpayment on a beachside house in St. Croix?  Heck, an oceanview tent would be better than this.

Maybe I'm complaining too much.  After all, I didn't come out of this empty-handed.  At my last doctor visit, I was given this fine piece of footwear to wear this spring:

It's open-toed, too.  Just right for the season.  But I'm curious (and somewhat afraid to know)-- exactly how much would it have cost me to get a matching pair?

1 comment:

  1. I love your new shoe, but you might want to lose the sock. It just totally ruins the look!

    Hope you are healing nicely. I'm glad you're still keeping your sense of humor.