Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get Well Card made for me by Dianna

My sister, Dianna, (who is totally responsible for my current crafting obsession!), made this adorable card to boost my sagging spirits (does everything have to sag???)

Her very talented daughter, Kayla, drew the chair and ottoman -- I couldn't believe they weren't die cuts!  I love the magazine and glasses (captured my daily routine perfectly!), and of course she placed the cell phone within easy reach (my ankle is broken, not my vocal cords!)  And to round it out, the cast on my leg and expression on my face perfectly reflect the past several weeks.

Thank you, Dianna and Kayla!


  1. What a delightful card, your sister and niece are very talented!! Sorry to hear that you're laid up!

  2. Cute card! Looks very familiar, like maybe I've been looking at pieces of it for about a month! LOL!!! Glad you liked it enough to post it on your blog. That's my craft project for the year, so I guess I can relax now. ;-)