Saturday, January 28, 2012

Past Due

I've lost all credibility with my youngest daughter.  I promised her she would deliver her baby before the due date.  "There's no way you'll make it until January 27th", I predicted.  She's just a tiny little thing.  I was certain her growing baby would get tired of the cramped quarters and work his way out a little bit early.

January 27th has come and gone.  My daughter had so wanted to work up until the day she gave birth, but last week that proved impossible.  Being a nurse who's on her feet through twelve-hour shifts, and with an entire human being resting on her pelvis, she simply couldn't continue to carry both of them around the hospital all day.  So now she's at home and bored out of her mind (she just washed all the baby's clothes for at least the second time, and he's never worn any of them). 

I'm longing to meet my grandson, and I know my daughter and her husband are anxious to hold him in their arms.  I want my daughter to move around comfortably again, and to be spending this time at home getting to know her new son, not doing laundry and watching bad tv just to pass the time.  But more than anything I want to know the delivery went smoothly, everybody's happy and healthy, and that my daughter once again believes everything I say.


  1. Poor girl, I hope today is the day but if he's like my little guy he'll need to be evicted.

  2. Can not imagine what it would be like to have one of my daughters pregnant .... OH THE WORRY!!!!