Thursday, December 22, 2011

O Christmas Tree

The weekend after Thanksgiving my husband and granddaughters carefully chose our Christmas tree from a nearby retailer.  We all assumed that if we kept it watered it would easily last through Christmas.  Wrong.
Too late to save this one.

I'm not sure when the tree was cut (apparently it was sometime during the summer), but within three weeks of bringing it home it had become kindling.   The dog was using it as a back scratcher. 

The aftermath

When the branches started to resemble a brittle weeping willow, it was time for a replacement.  (I hope my husband doesn't make the same decision with me.)

New and perky. 
I hope my husband doesn't realize he can just as easily replace me
 with a newer, less droopy specimen.
Aaahhh, nice and fresh!  And less flammable.


  1. ohhh so sad...hope it wasn't all decorated already!!! Gotta LOVE the scent from a fresh tree though!!!

  2. Wow! Thank goodness you spotted the fire hazard before something happened! Have fun decorating the new tree!