Friday, June 17, 2011

Never too Young for the School of Martha

The pressure starts early.

My youngest granddaughter thought she should make a bouquet for her teacher.  She wanted to pick some flowers from around our yard, which wasn't easy since the pickin's are rather slim right now.  (I think you are supposed to "tend" to your plants from time to time.  We don't.)

After we tiptoed through the tulips dog droppings and snake holes, we found a few decent blooms.  I dug out a small vase (from a cabinet, not from the snake-infested "flower beds") and told her to arrange the flowers in whatever way she thought looked best.  "I can't make this look good, Nana.  We could sure use Martha Stewart's help right now."   Where does she hear these things?

"I think adding some greenery might help", I said, looking at the sad, sparse little flowers bobbing around in the water.  I went outside to look for something, anything, that might work.  My granddaughter followed me.  She was fascinated that I had thought of adding simple leaves to our floral arrangement.  "Boy, you sure can learn a lot from Martha Stewart!" 

I see lots of floral arranging, pie baking and bed sheet ironing in her future.  How did I let this happen?

Even this sad little bouquet looks nice when presented with such a happy face!

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  1. Awww...I bet her teacher just loved the flowers. What a sweetie! Martha would be proud.