Friday, August 6, 2010

Late Night Insecurity

I'm really tired of seeing all the ads on TV Land for a show called She's Got the Look.  It's a modeling competition for women over 35.  The host is Brooke Burke, who likes to shove it in our faces  remind us that for a woman over 35, she looks really good.  I've been told that for a woman over 60, I  look good.

I would like to say it makes me feel better to be told that.  But it doesn't.  I'm only 51.

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  1. Hi! I came to your blog via someone elses, from the cricut board. I had to read it all once I started. You are hilarious! My family asked me what was so funny when I was laughing out loud while reading it. I too, shop and dream of scrapping! I do things occasionally, but mostly shop and dream. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your posts and how you make me laugh! Have a great week!